GYB CLE EXPERT: Marilee MacAskill

About Marilee MacAskill

NAME: Marilee MacAskill
COMPANY: Dale Carnegie Training
TITLE: Training Consultant

Marilee MacAskill has been a training consultant with Dale Carnegie Training since 1995, both in Cleveland, Ohio and Grand Rapids, Michigan. She a certified instructor of the Dale Carnegie Course and the advanced High Impact Presentations Program. She holds two international sales awards from Dale Carnegie & Associates, and is regularly among the top in sales in the state for the company. Prior to joining the Cleveland Dale Carnegie staff in 1995, MacAskill was Vice President, Account Supervisor for Griswold Eshleman Advertising & Public Relations in Cleveland. She handled such accounts as the Royal Dirt Devil Vacuums, Anchor Hocking glass, and American Harvest. Why does she love Dale Carnegie Training? “I took the Dale Carnegie Course as a young advertising assistant account executive of 24 years old. This course helped me propel my career quickly, by increasing my confidence, my client service and presentation skills, and my ability to handle the stress of a high-pressure environment. I was named Vice President at a large Cleveland agency by the age of 30, due to the skills that the Dale Carnegie Course helped me develop. I wanted to inspire others to achieve more of their potential, and lead richer and fuller lives, and that’s what we do at Dale Carnegie!” Marilee has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from Bowling Green State University (1986). She also participated in the Disney College Program while at BG, and is a 2012 graduate of the Disney Leadership Excellence seminar. She resides in Bay Village with her family, and is involved as a member at Bay Presbyterian Church and as a board member for Youth for Christ of Greater Cleveland, the Christian Business Women’s Connection, and an associate board member for Sales & Marketing Executives of Cleveland.

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