FAQs for on-camera GYB CLE Experts

By December 17, 2015 FAQs

What am I signing up for as A GYB CLE expert?

You are joining us as a contributing business or education expert to be featured in a short-form video in our online video series Grow Your Business Cleveland.  There may be opportunities to contribute in other ways from time to time. In the near future GYB CLE expects to publish long-form videos, podcasts, webinars, surveys and more. We welcome any ideas for great content that fits the GYB CLE mission–grow business and kickstart careers in Northeast Ohio.

When and where will the filming take place?

After you sign up, our team will contact you to work out a convenient date for your studio session. We appreciate your patience. Most filming will take place in our studio in Warrensville Heights, OH.

Do I qualify to be a GYB CLE contributor?

We feel every business professional regardless of age, title, or experience has unique GYB content, whether it be teachable or entertaining that your target audience will find value in and want to share.

Do I need to be a professional speaker?

No professional speaking or on-camera experience required! This is a great opportunity to get on-camera experience. We will provide all the help and support you need to ensure you look like a rockstar – or business expert if that works better.

Is there a cost to me?

There is no cost. We appreciate the time you spend with us and your contribution to our mission. With much appreciation, we will accept tips through PayPal buttons on the website that would go directly to funding interns payroll and the GYB CLE project.

What should I talk about in my video?

You should talk about your unique and personal B2B tips, advice, story etc. that helps your target audience grow their business, advance in their careers, or turn diplomas into jobs in NEO.

Need more tips? We asked the godfather of content marking Joe Pulizzi to share his best tips for content with his fellow GYB CLE experts on lineup for the upcoming 2016 season.

I’m a B2C professional/business. What Grow Your Business Topic can I talk about?

An example of Grow Your Business topics might include: hiring quality staff, world-class customer service, or building your brand. Your video will work targeting a B2B and B2C audience.

What are my obligations as a GYB CLE expert?

There are no obligations other than contributing original content and signing a release form. We will however relentlessly encourage you post, tweet, like, share, and email your video and the videos of other GYB CLE contributors to grow the largest possible audience for you, the interns, CLE and NEO.

How long should my video be?

As in any really good video that holds attention, as long as it needs to be – but no longer. Since the videos will be short form, you should definitely try to narrow down your talk to bite sized. We encourage a target of 1-2 minutes. That’s about 170- 340 words.

Where will my videos be published, distributed and promoted?

The primary home for publishing your videos will be the gybcle.com website. The videos will be hosted on YouTube. GYB CLE is utilizing other popular social media and sharing sites as well to promote your video and GYB CLE content.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes. We believe our reach in NEO will be huge and our mission is critical in NEO. Please contact producer@gybcle.com to talk about opportunities.


How much time in the studio will I have for filming my video?

You should block out 2 hours to be safe.  Your session will include a brief introduction and meeting with the production interns.We’ll head into the studio to record your GYB CLE expert video. Afterwards, we may record some behind the scene (BTS) footage of you interacting with the interns and possible interviews.

Can I stop or have redos during filming?

Absolutely! It is normal to have mistakes and redos.  We will be filming with 2 or 3 cameras, so in post-production we remove the stops so that your presentation appears smooth and natural.

Do I need a script?

Yes and no. You should prepare a script or outline to rehearse with but there’s no need to memorize. Here’s a tip: because the videos will be filmed interview style you should consider breaking up your presentation into smaller bites that can be prompted or asked by the interviewer. In post-production we remove the interviewer’s voice and edit the stops so that your presentation appears smooth and natural. Studies show that scripted reads or memorized presentations are not as popular.

Can I use a Teleprompter?

Yes and no. If you find it’s really necessary we have a teleprompter for you to use but we highly advise a more conversational approach. Studies show that scripted reads or memorized presentations are not as popular.

Can I have text, bullets points, graphics, photos, or videos inserted?

You betcha – anything that makes your video great. We can insert text or bullet points at no cost. You can supply your own graphics, photos, or videos at no cost provided they are drop-in-ready, or we can create new media for a fee.

Will there be a rehearsal session at the studio?

We can arrange rehearsals at our studio. Actually, it would be a good idea to see the studio and what the experience will be like prior to your shoot date. Let us know if you are interested. Email producer@gybcle.com

Will I need make up?

Great question right? Men and women will cetainly want to look your best -or at least normal for your video. Using basic makeup will help keep off the shine due to studio lighting and add life to your appearance. Corrective makeup should be applied for accenting or you may wish to hide or minimize blemishes or other undesirable conditions. We have limited make-up on hand for emergencies situations so we suggest coming to the studio with makeup applied and camera-ready. We can connect you with a makeup artist for hire if you like. Questions? Contact us at producer@gybcle.com

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear what best portrays you in your role or profession. Best practices for video include more solid that patterns whenever possible. More color than black and white but that depend on your profession. All white can can be a problem due to the bright studio lighting but we can make it work if needed.