The Interns and the entire staff at New Image Media would like to thank you for being a GYB CLE expert and sharing your grow you business tip and backstage stories with us. Now that your video is edited and scheduled for release we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect on your launch and give you and opportunity to receive even more promotion.

Your GYB CLE launch will consist of:

  • A featured promotional launch email to all GYB CLE email subscribers
  • Front page post on the GYB CLE homepage for 1 week
  • YouTube promotion (videos average 1100 views in their launch week)
  • 56 promotional tweets over 4 weeks (35 in your launch week)
  • 2 Promotional Linkedin Posts
  • 2 Promotional Facebook video teaser trailers
  • Your video will forever remain on the GYB CLE Videos page and YouTube Channel
  • Your video will be featured in 2 other emails
  • Your GYB CLE expert page will forever remain active with you company info and contact information
  • After your official launch we will provide you with analytics and all produced media and graphics for your continued promotion.

Additional Promotional Opportunity

Our company, New Image Media, takes pride and pleasure providing our interns with resume building real world experiences and valuable hands-on training. Moreover, the GYB CLE series allows interns to connect and meet many influential CLE connections with over 100 CLE speakers signed to be featured on the series. We fund the cost of the production studio, studio equipment, computers and our own staff who provide the training and guidance.

All GYB CLE interns are paid. Our partner schools have assisted by providing compensation toward or equaling the student’s pay during the program. That partnership is recognized on An investment of any amount will help with the cost of the interns, production studio, studio equipment, computers and staff.

Invest any amount and we will place your company logo on the GYB CLE sponsors page.
If you would like to have your logo permanently embedded in your video with a CTA that reaches thousands. Call us at 216-514-1835 or 

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