3 Key Systems For Sales Success

Businesses go through a lot before getting a sale. You have to find your prospect, give them your pitch and follow-up with them. But how do you know where your prospects are? What should your pitch be like? And what’s the best way to follow-up? Diane Helbig of Seize this Day Coaching explains each in detail so you can achieve that sales success.


Hi I’m Diane Helbig, business coach with the three key systems for sales success. 
There are three systems that you have to have to be successful in sales. First one is a prospecting system. Second one is an actual selling system. And the third one is follow-up. We’re gonna start with the last one and work our way backwards because the prospecting system is really, the most complicated of the three.
So the follow-up system is how do you actually follow-up with people you meet at networking events, how do you follow-up with prospects and how do you follow-up with them after you’ve had a sales conversation with them. The key here is to make a decision about what you actually want to do in those follow-up events. Do you wanna call? Do you want to send an email? Do you want to schedule another meeting? When you’re selling, the best follow-up process is at the end of the selling conversation to set the next appointment.

The selling system for me is when you’re actually across the table from the prospect. You’ve got the meeting with them and this is the place where you wanna have a list of questions that you’ve created that you can ask, and you want to find out things like what is the problem that they’re having what is the event that they’ve got going, whatever it is that’s the actual thing you’re going to be selling them something for, but you also wanna know things like: how do they decision make, what’s their budget, what’s their timeline, who’s in the decision-making process what are the things that they do internally as a business so you can get a feel not only for whether you can help them solve their problem but whether you even want to be working with them or not.

The prospecting system for me really is the most complicated because it’s got the most moving parts to it. The beginning of a prospecting system is to make a decision about who your target audience is and then you go through a process of how am I connected to the people in that organization or to that person, can I get an introduction to them, because the best way to prospect is through a warm introduction. Where you don’t have a connection, you’re gonna have to cold call, you’re gonna have to have a system for cold calling, you’re gonna have to decide what it is— call, email or follow-up? But don’t email first. Maybe send an introductory letter or a card in the mail? It always has to be you taking those next steps, those next actions, so that you can then be in control of the system and the process and all you’re trying to do is get the meeting. That’s when prospecting stops and selling starts.

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Diane Helbig
Diane Helbig is a business advisor guiding professionals and business owners in the creation and implementation of customized strategies resulting in greater profitability and success. She is the author of Expert Insights and Lemonade Stand Selling as well as the host of the Accelerate Your Business Growth radio show. Click here to find out more about Diane Helbig

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