3 Ways to use FUN to Create a Better Workplace

By September 19, 2017 GYB CLE, This Week's Episode, Videos
In this episode Chris Hatala; Dreamer, Independant, and Video Gamer shares 3 Ways to use FUN to Create a Better Workplace
After the tip, we go backstage where Chris, Tells how he started the second largest gaming tournament in the world, How he brings games to business, and business to games, Transports us to a virtual world and more!


Hi, I’m Chris Hatala, Final Boss of Games Done Legit, and today I’m going to help you with 3 Ways to use FUN to create a Better Workplace. Our mission is to use fun to create better team-building, better training, better events for the workplace, and we’re going to give you three tips on how to do that today.

Our first tip today is engage everybody. You definitely want a wide variety of activities that you do throughout the year, some physical, some mental. You don’t want any team members to feel like they’ve been left out or a team member to feel like everyone else is taking the lead and they never get the opportunity to kind of shine and lead the way.

Some examples that we’ve found to cover a lot of different bases, the escape rooms are really popular right now, doing puzzles, gaming in the workplace, anything with virtual reality is pretty crazy, and keep your stable of traditional activities as well. Just find new things that you see engage your team members in really different ways. The most important thing is, find activities that your team members can communicate before the activity, during the activity and after the activity.

Number two is take chances. Keep your ears open for new trends in team building in corporate events. There’s a wide variety of HR networking organizations, there’s conferences and trade shows throughout the year, and there’s always companies there with new ideas and they’re eager to share those with you. There’s the HR Star Conference, Cleveland SHRM is an awesome HR organization, lots of ideas, lots of networking. An easy way that’s free, set up some Google alerts that are just team-building or unique team-building, new team-building, and those can go right in your inbox every day. That’s one super easy way for you to constantly have a flow of new ideas.

Our third tip is don’t get stale. Stay in contact with other companies, see what other companies are doing. You might be able to help each other retain clients. Going back to that number one, find a wide variety of activities and, based on your employees’ feedback, see what they really like and then find related activities that can reinforce those goals that worked really well for you and your successful ones.

Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn if you would like. I like to have a constant dialogue going with other HR professionals, other business owners, to figure out what are the most fun activities that we can all come up for the workplace to make everyone happier.

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Chris Hatala

Chris Hatala
The story of Games Done Legit‘s origin demonstrates how interactive entertainment brings us together like nothing else.Chris Hatala started Games Done Legit to share that joy with everyone during the biggest events of their lives.

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