5 Kid-Tested and Mother-Approved Tips for Starting Your Own Business

By January 31, 2017 GYB CLE, This Week's Episode
In this episode, Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted; moms, friends, and co-founders of the parenting app, Komae, give their 5 Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved Tips for Starting Your Own Business. After the tip, we go backstage and learn about; Audrey and Amy’s grueling kickstarter experience, why they aren’t waiting to give back, what loving chaos means… and more!


Hi, I’m Audrey Wallace.

And I’m Amy Husted.

We are the co-founders of Komae.

And we’re here to give you five kid-tested and mother-approved tips for starting your own business.

Tip one is to go for it, but don’t go it alone.

So a lot of people ask, ‘how do you guys do this all?’ and I always answer, ‘I couldn’t do it without my co-founder.’ I was lucky enough to find a girl who has the skills that I don’t. I am the person that gets excited, and goes out, and talks to people and networking events. And then, Amy writes it all down, and she has that to-do list, and she pushes us forward. And having that co-founder is critical to our progress.

But, if you’re not lucky enough to have a co-founder, that’s okay. Just be sure to plug into your local accelerator programs. They’re there purposely to connect you to professionals in the industry.

Tip number two: Show up and speak up. So you’re involved in these groups in your area, but you have to actually show up to their events. And when you get there, speak up. Don’t sit in the corner and be shy, you want to introduce yourself. Shake hands, collect business cards, and then reconnect with those people. Email them, and ask them if they can help you. That’s what they’re there for.

Tip number three is to write it down and get it done. Now, Audrey has a lot of ideas, always has ideas. But I’m the one that helps her get it done by writing it down. Make a list, have tangible goals, know what marks you need to meet, and when you need to meet them.

Tip number four is to stay humble in the highs and hopeful in the lows. Your entrepreneurial journey is going to be a roller coaster; you’re going to have a lot of highs but a lot of lows as well. Now when you’re up high, stay humble. Thank those that have helped you to get there. And when you’re in that low, stay hopeful. Keep moving, keep progressing, don’t focus on perfection, just focus on progress.

And tip number five is to stay grounded in your “why.” Know exactly why you’re starting this business, what passion are you following. That “why” is your engine that’s going to keep you going from those highs to those lows, and back and forth. Sunny day, rainy terrain, your engine will keep you going if it’s solid and it’s purposeful.

About the Speaker

Audrey Wallace & Amy Husted

Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted
Audrey and Amy are friends and co-business owners who have five kid-tested and mother-approved tips to starting your own business in North East Ohio.
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