Planning Your GYB Backstage Interviews

By October 22, 2016 Video Planning

Let’s talk about planning your Grow Your Business Cleveland Backstage Interviews.

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What’s a backstage interview?
This segment of your video follows your expert tip. But unlike your tip, backstage interviews are more casual and conversational. They are less about giving tips and more about promoting your personal brand! We want to know what makes you unique as a person and a professional, and your audience will want to as well.

So how should you prepare?
We’re looking for 3 or 4 stories, coming from any aspect of your life. These could be fun facts, experiences, or talents that you would like to share. Topics could include education, career, personal interests, your family, or anything you like.

You should be thinking of stories that generally rank higher on the emotion chart, whether they are happy, sad, or inspirational. They’ll enhance the “know, like, and trust” factor that appeals to your audience and grows customers. And each story will make your video more likely to be shared.

Don’t worry about memorizing, listing, or over-preparing; this portion of your video should appear unscripted and conversational.

Here are some examples from past speakers:

  • Jessie Perry shared how karate kick started her career.
  • Ron Finklestein told us about a serious challenge he faced in college.
  • Audrey Wiggins shared how she loves to sing, and even performed a song for us!
  • Larry Baum gave us another tip explaining why negative reviews are actually good.
  • Nicole Domanski taught us some great yoga poses.
  • Katherine Miracle shared a personal life changing story that inspired her career.

We welcome and encourage you to share with us any photos, videos, or props we can insert into your video that will visually enhance your backstage interview stories.

Also, as part of your video, we ask you to bring a quote, power word, or phrase to write on our blackboard wall that is central to your story, personality, or career. This could tie into one of your backstage stories if you wish.

We’ve provided a space on the expert tip planning worksheet where you can give us your suggested topics for your backstage interviews and quote. You can download the PDF worksheet or use the electronic form, but we do ask you to submit it to us for review.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for what you can do or talk about in your backstage interviews to make your GYB CLE video not only be a must-see, but also a must-share hit!

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