Planning Your GYB Expert Tip Video

By October 23, 2016 Interns, Video Planning

Let’s talk about planning your Grow Your Business expert tip video.

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Our goal is to show you as the go-to person for what you do. In your video we want you to share your best tips tricks and inside information that will influence others and help them achieve their goals. At the same time you’ll be helping us with our mission of growing business and kick starting careers in Northeast Ohio.

Before you start brainstorming about the content for your video here are some guidelines that are important to remember:

Guideline One
The target audience is yours. Your tips should reflect the interests and concerns of your consumer following the people you are most likely to share your video with.

Guideline Two
The duration of your expert tip video is about two minutes. That’s actually only about 350 words so we suggest serving only a bite sized portion of a broader topic your audience is probably already familiar with. For example rather than talking about the broad subject of Twitter you might drill down to talking about Twitter avatars.

Guideline Three
Your content must be informational and NOT promotional.

So let’s get started. There are three parts to grow your business expert tip video The Hook, the Knowledge Points, and what we like to call the Happy Ending. Feel free to start anywhere you like but we suggest starting with the Happy Ending.

The Happy Ending

So what is a Happy Ending? It’s the takeaway, the ultimate outcome, or success your tip will bring your audience; or how or why your tip is going to help the viewer become more profitable, achieve better results, or just make their business life easier. Here’s an example of what this might sound like: “Following these tips you’ll be the most recognized professional on Twitter!”

The Hook

Secondly we tackle The Hook. Every story needs a hook and in the grow your business videos the hook is the title. What’s the hook for your video that will best attract your target audience and get them to click? Titles thaat work often invoke curiosity and are descriptive. They include how-tos, guide tos, whys, and numbered lists.

Here’s an example: How To Create a Winning Twitter Avatar That Best Promotes You!

Knowledge Points

Now all that’s left are the Knowledge Points. This is your expert tip that will get us from the hook to the happy ending. This is your opportunity to deliver a unique tip that evokes the emotions that cause others to be anxious to use and share your expertise. These knowledge points are the reason these videos will be so beneficial to your audience.

Expert Tip Video Worksheet

To aid in the planning process of these three steps we’ve provided a worksheet for you
to use to formulate your tip. You can download the PDF or use our electronic form (below) but we do ask you to please submit it to us for review.

Quick Recap

So to give a quick recap of what we covered today. Your expert tip video should include a title that Hooks, Knowledge Points that teach, and a Happy Ending, the ultimate outcome. Thank you and we’ll see you in the studio!

1 Step 1
Business Expert Video Worksheet
Nameyour full name
The HookVideo Title
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Knowledge PointsExpert Tip
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Happy EndingTakeaways
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Backstage Interviews2-3 Stories
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