Welcome Intern Brittney Moffatt

By October 17, 2015 Interns


My name is Brittney Moffatt and I am the first social media/marketing intern at GYB CLE. I’ve recently graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in communication. I’m also the lucky intern who gets to make the first blog post on GYB CLE!

For some, the stress of graduating from college is one that will make your hair fall out. It’s officially time to be an adult, enter “the real world” that everyone has been warning you about, and face the challenge of starting a career that lines up with your degree.

I’ve had plenty of rewarding work experience before, during, and after college. However, I wanted that “perfect” job in marketing. I decided to make a change in my job search. Maybe I need to try something different to kickstart my career. That’s when I began looking for valuable internships. Sometimes you have to walk before you run, right?

Now, I’m finally doing work in my field, as an intern. It even happens to be in an industry I’m interested in. Sure, it’s not the full time job with all the benefits that I expected after graduation. However, I’m learning and gaining confidence as a marketing professional.

I look forward to my experience at GYB CLE, meeting other interns, and making connections to business experts. To follow this journey, be sure to subscribe. Also, join the conversation and discover behind the scenes content on the Twitter and Facebook!


Brittney Moffatt

GYB CLE Social Media Intern
Bowling Green State University
Media & Communications Student